Guidelines for Presenters

Presenter FAQs


We are delighted that you are presenting a webinar for Physiotherapy Club.
Thank you!

These brief Q and As should help in your preparation. If you require any additional information then please email


What system do you use and will I get training?

After working with and testing several systems, we have adopted Adobe Connect as our sole system for delivering webinars. An Adobe Connect Meeting Room is just like a ‘virtual’ meeting room set up specifically for your event! The PowerPoint presentation is uploaded to the meeting room in advance, very much like loading your presentation onto the meeting room server at a larger conference. This system has superior sound quality and enables you to show video clips in your live presentation. Most other webinars systems cannot do this. Please note, unlike most webinar presentation formats, you will not be sharing your screen with attendees. We will make sure each presenter is very comfortable with the system well in advance. Also, a member of our team will always be present to assist if there are any technical challenges.


Do I need a webcam?

No. The attendees do not see you. When the webinar moderator has introduced you, they will hand over to you and at that point the attendees will see your presentation and hear your voice.


Do I need a microphone?

Yes. A headset with a microphone attachment is recommended. We have found the Logitech H390 to be reasonably priced and to work very well. Click here to view at Amazon. Please let us know if you would like to loan one of our headsets and we will send one to you.


Can I modify one of my existing presentations?

Yes. It is helpful to put an original slant on your presentation and tailor key aspects to our audience where relevant but the core presentation can be one you have delivered before. We are happy for you to display your practice logo and your contact details in your PowerPoint presentation but please note that these should appear on the first and/or last slides only. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Is my material secure?

Yes. Attendees will not be able to download any of your files. The Online Meeting Room has the facility to allow attendees to download any notes that you want them to have as part of the webinar. Any material uploaded to the Meeting Room will be deleted after the meeting unless you want to use the Meeting Room again. In which case it will be ‘locked’ preventing any unauthorised access.


What do I need to provide in advance of the webinar?

We require your presentation in advance of the live event. Ideally, we need your final presentation prior to your practise session. However, a draft version is acceptable for the practise session if necessary. It should contain the styles and transitions you will be using so we can check they are not altered when uploaded to the meeting room.

Whilst we will always do everything we can to accommodate last minute changes, it is important that we have the final version at least 48 hours before the live event.

In order to promote the presenter and the presentation effectively, we require the following approximately 1-2 weeks before your webinar:

1. A brief synoposis highlighting the key topics covered and benefits to attendees (100-150 words)
2. A photograph of you and a brief biography
3. A clinical image related to your topic


Can I show video clips in my presentation?

Yes. One of the major advanages of Adobe Connect is that you can stream video. However, please note that videos won’t play properly over the internet if they are embedded in your presentation in the traditional way for an ‘in person’ presentation. The video files must be submitted separately (see below ‘How do I send my presentation to you?’). If you intend to play videos or audio (e.g. heart sounds) then please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure the webinar is set up correctly.


How do I send my presentation to you?

You can upload your files to us at the following website address:

Please can you ensure that each PowerPoint slide has a title, as the slide listing showing the titles can be viewed both in the online meeting room and on the session recording. If you are sending videos, these need to be numbered in the order which they will appear in the presentation. The corresponding slide in the PowerPoint should show the text with the name of the video, ie Video 1, Video 2, etc, so we know where the video needs to appear.


Do I need to provide notes?

Not unless you would like to or consider a handout to be an essential part of the presentation. Mini Series presenters are required to provide Study Notes for each session, however.


I am new to webinars. Can I set up a practise?

Yes. We always set up at least one practise session well before the live event and make sure that each presenter is comfortable with the presentation system.


Do I retain copyright of my material?

Yes. All the material used in producing the webinar remains the copyright of the presenter and can be used in other formats and for other online presentations. Copyright for the complete recorded webinar belongs to CPD Solutions so that it can be made available in the Members’ Area at We ask that you do not present the same or similar webinar within two months of your live event at Webinar Club.


What time can I present the webinar?

Remote presentation is tremendously flexible and so we endeavour to accommodate presenters’ preferences as much as possible. However, it is important that a particular club’s webinars run at a similar time each month so that the webinars are evenly spaced for members. We will suggest some dates and times for you but will always work to find the most mutually convenient time. We prefer to run webinars within our standard UK office hours so that attendees have real time email and telephone support if they are experiencing any challenges in joining the online meeting.


Can I play audio files?

Yes. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require this facility so that we can make sure the webinar is set up correctly. We will require audio files in advance so that we can convert them to a format that will ‘stream’ from the meeting room.


How long should my presentation be?

Webinar Club presentations should be around 60 minutes including an allowance for 5 to 10 minutes of questions at the end.


Can I present from my Mac?

Yes you can. Please remember your presentation will be uploaded in advance to your meeting room. Your screen is not being shared with attendees and so you will only need your PC or Mac to access the meeting room to run the presentation.


Can I present with Keynote?

Yes. However, we do require a draft version 2 weeks in advance so we can check the styles and transitions you will be using are not altered during the upload process. See above ‘Can I present from my Mac?’.