Achilles Tendinopathy - What Should We Be Doing?

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Category: 2017, Club Recordings
Published on: 06.06.2017


Seth O’Neill PhD, MSc, BSc, MCSP, MMACP,
PGCE (higher education)

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About The Webinar

This webinar will highlight an evidenced based approach to Achilles tendinopathy management, as part of this it is important to discuss which risk factors are important in disease development and which ones are amenable to change. A greater understanding of risk factors can help us individualise our approach to each patient and focus on those that really matter. During the webinar Seth will discuss the aetiology of Achilles tendinopathy in a way that highlights most risk factors fall into two categories, those that influence wear or those that influence repair of the tendon. Seth will expand on these factors to highlight which ones may link to disease aetiology most specifically as these factors may offer targets for therapeutic intervention. This will be focussed on novel research that highlights neuromuscular factors may be the primary risk factors for Achilles tendinopathy but also the key to rehabilitation.

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