Anterior Thigh Injuries in Sport Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

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Category: 2018, Club Recordings
Published on: 06.02.2018


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP

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About The Webinar

Injuries to the anterior aspect of the thigh have a major functional impact on any sportsperson, both directly and indirectly.
The quadriceps muscle group plays a key role in both biomechanical and functional aspects of human movement and is a key link in the lower limb chain, particularly in terms of the hip and knee joint and their role in sporting performance. It is essential for all motions of sport such as walking, running, jumping, throwing and kicking alongside all basic postural demands of everyday life.
Aside from direct injury, the anterior thigh along with surrounding abdominal, pelvic and posterior thigh soft tissue structures is a key segment in proximal stabilization upon which distal injuries can then be successfully rehabilitated. Failure to do so also often means an unsuccessful rehabilitation outcome for indirectly related injuries in the upper and lower limbs
The webinar will cover the following topics: -
• Isolated and Functional Anatomy in relation to the Anterior Thigh
• Diagnosis of Injury
• Acute and Chronic Injury Management
• Rehabilitation
• Role in Proximal Stabilization
• Differential Diagnosis

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