Assessment and Treatment of the Sporting Neck

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Category: 2016, Club Recordings
Published on: 26.04.2016


Lead Physiotherapist for GB Boxing at the English Institute of Sport

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About The Webinar

Injuries to the cervical spine can occur in all sports and range from soft tissue injuries to quadriplegia. In a high number of sports, good knowledge of acute trauma management is required, especially if practitioners are regularly involved in covering training and competition scenarios. The mechanism of injury and presence of any neurological symptoms are very important in guiding the assessment of the cervical spine. Special tests should therefore be considered in the presence of trauma to rule out potential instability. The neck, like most other areas in the human body, has a complex anatomy. It is composed of 7 Cervical Vertebrae, and subdivided into the upper and lower cervical regions. About 50% of cervical rotation occurs in the upper cervical region (predominately at C1-C2), with the other 50% in the lower cervical region. The upper cervical region is implicit in cervicogenic headaches (CGH). In sports this should be properly assessed when presenting with chronic or intermittent symptoms. This webinar aims to discuss the assessment and treatment of the sporting neck. It will provide a rationale for the use of treatment techniques and progressive rehabilitation for the different regions of the neck.

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