Differential Diagnosis of Anterior Knee Pain

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Category: 2015, Club Recordings
Published on: 07.09.2015


Dr Lee Herrington PhD MSc MCSP
Senior Lecturer in Sports Rehabilitation, University of Salford
Technical Lead Physiotherapist (Lower Limb Rehabilitation), English Institute of Sport

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About The Webinar

The long term outcome for patients with anterior knee pain (AKP) is relatively poor, with up to a third of patients having pain which persists for more than one year and with significant high reoccurrence rates. One factor contributing to this might be the failure to clearly identify the key factors in the aetiology of the problem. Then, using this information to manipulate the key drives to pathology development to reduce load and stress on the tissue. Alongside a failure to identify key aetiological factors, there appears to be a failure to identify specific underlying pathology and how this impacts on management and prognosis. This webinar will identify key features in the aetiology of AKP and specific underlying pathology identification.

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