Elbow injuries in sport; traumatic vs overuse

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Category: 2021, Club Recordings
Published on: 12.05.2021


Ian Gatt
Head of Sports Science & Medicine / Lead Physiotherapist - Great Britain Boxing
Upper Limb Specialist - English Institute of Sport
Physiotherapist - Team Anthony Joshua
Guest Lecturer - University College London
PhD Candidate in Wrist Biomechanics - Sheffield Hallam University

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About The Webinar

The Elbow is the conduit between the shoulder and hand/wrist region. Although classed as a ‘simple’ hinge joint, there is nothing simple about this region where muscles originating at the shoulder or inserting at the hand/wrist region intersect creating a powerhouse around this joint which can create forces up to 3x body weight. Is this a region which you as a clinician feel comfortable assessing and treating? Do you know which are the traumatic vs overuse injuries? What to know when differentiating, especially with considerations towards certain pathologies which should not be missed? This webinar will a wide array of pertinent information, including relevant anatomy. We will cover objective measures, injury management (from self-management to add-on considerations), and how best to approach return to train post-injury. So, looking for a bit of CPD focused on the Elbow. This webinar ‘Elbow Injuries in Sport; traumatic vs overuse’ will cover all this and more!

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