Exercise Rehabilitation-The Forgotten Treatment Modality?

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Category: 2018
Published on: 06.11.2018


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP

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About The Webinar

Exercise has long been ‘the bread and butter’ for physiotherapy, but as the demand for speedy rehabilitation increases, more fashionable and trendy treatment regimes are often the main component in the primary recovery phase, post injury. Patients are often handed a non-individual standard exercise sheet for their injury to do at home or in their spare time, when the use of a progressive, specific programme will help in both the healing and recovery stages as well as reduce the chances of long-term complications.
This lecture will cover the techniques and principles of exercise therapy, with an emphasis on a specificity related to the needs of the patient in order to achieve full functional recovery. The need to progress or adjust the exercise component of a specific rehabilitation programme in the injury recovery journey after re-assessment is a key component in the tool kit of every physiotherapist. David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP has over 30 years of clinical experience and exercise therapy is still his number one treatment choice with regard to rehabilitation of the injured sportspersons he works with today.

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