Hand & Wrist injuries in Boxing: Assessment & Treatment

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Category: 2020, Club Recordings
Published on: 03.02.2020


Ian Gatt MSc OMT MAACP MCSP BSc (Hons)

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About The Webinar

Boxing is one of the oldest sports, and competition varies between Olympic and Professional style. The hand-wrist region is an important area in this sport, considering that it is used to strike the opponent in either the head or body. One can therefore appreciate why it is also the region that incurs the highest injury rates in this sport. Despite protection, which combines wrapping the hands with a variety of materials and wearing gloves, injuries still occur. There are different injuries which occur at different anatomical hand-wrist regions. Injuries can be either acute or chronic in the same region and therefore management will differ. Identification of severity through robust objective measures is important as it will allow the practitioner to clinically decide the prognosis of any injury. Range of motion and strength measures are probably the most basic and important measures required to assist planning a return to box protocol in both non-surgical and surgical situations. This webinar is aimed to allow practitioners working in boxing to understand, and therefore treat injuries in the hand-wrist region more effectively. Further, an overview of wrapping to highlight the importance of injury reduction strategies will also be discussed.

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