Holistic Injury Management & Return to Play in Sports

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Category: 2018, Club Recordings
Published on: 06.03.2018


Ian Gatt MSc, OMT, MAACP, MCSP, BSc (Hons)

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About The Webinar

In sports, it is very easy to focus on an injury in isolation. The first aspect of injury management is to consider other aspects of the whole kinetic chain as either a contributing factor or even the source of the symptoms. Think about trigger points or referred pain from joints. Taking a further step back we should further consider other aspects, both psychologically and socially which could affect an injury. Doe the athlete want to return to his activities? Does his lifestyle or food choices impact on the injury? There are a lot of factors which as health professionals we could be easily overseeing. So how can we make sure that there is the appropriate expertise to cover these aspects of holistic injury management. This webinar will approach this theme linked to injury management, especially in consideration for appropriate return to play. Different areas will be considered like hamstring injuries in football (soccer), lower limb tendinopathy for jumping athletes, hand/wrist injuries in loading athletes like divers or gymnasts, and especially with it being an ever-big topic of debate concussion in sports. By the end of this webinar, the attendees will have an improved understanding of objective tools which can assist athletes to progress safely through any rehabilitation program. The final goal being symptoms free and feeling ready to return to sport in all other holistic aspects. More importantly, staying symptoms free when returning to sport ensuring that reinjury does not occur.

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