Introduction to Isokinetics in Sport

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Category: 2015, Club Recordings
Published on: 01.07.2015


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP
Head of Sports Medicine, Blackburn Rovers Football Club

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About The Webinar

Isokinetic dynamometers are often used in the assessment and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb injuries in the injured athlete. Unlike conventional weight systems where the resistance is fixed and the speed of movement is variable, the isokinetics dynamometer applies the opposite effect-the speed of movement is fixed and the resistance varies, being dependant on the torque applied by the player.

Isokinetics is often under utilised due to the hardware cost of the equipment and the extensive learning time required for the clinician to become efficient. It is important that the clinician not only becomes competent in the standard set up and application supplied by the various manufacturer’s but is also able to apply their own slant and clinical needs to maximise the use of this modality. Our lecturer, David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP has however been in the fortunate position of utilising isokinetics in his clinical practice with elite sportspersons for over 20 years and this lecture will give a brief insight into his use of this particular assessment and treatment modality.

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