Medical and Physiotherapy Screening in the Transfer Medical

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Category: 2017, Club Recordings
Published on: 08.08.2017


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP

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About The Webinar

Think a football medical is a foregone conclusion? Think again. As we see in the national media every close season, a move isn't done until a player has passed a club's rigorous check-up with flying colours.

It is similar to when you go out and buy a second-hand car – you can take a risk on it being OK based on what you see, or if you’re wise you will only invest after having an inspection from experts like the AA. When you look at the amount of money paid for players it’s really to the benefit of the club to ensure to the best of your ability that what you are getting is in good working order. But just as every footballer is different, so too is every football medical. The requirements of the club, the brief from the manager, the age, position, medical and injury history of the player – all of these variables will change every time. There is no standard medical as such – every club has its own way of doing things. Usually a player being transferred to a club will undergo a two-day medical, although when it comes to transfer deadline day, time isn’t always a luxury the medical team can afford. But in both cases the role of the team physiotherapist, club doctor and fitness team is to provide as much information to the manager and the club’s executives in order for them to make the final call.

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