Objective Measures for the Upper Limb in Sports

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Category: 2019, Club Recordings
Published on: 05.02.2019


Ian Gatt MSc, OMT, MAACP, MCSP, BSc (Hons)

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About The Webinar

In sports, subjective measures from athletes can provide useful information towards the clinical diagnosis of an upper limb injury however, without robust objective measures we would be neglecting crucial information. Range of motion and strength measures are probably the most basic and important measures required to assist planning a return to play protocol in both non-surgical or surgical situations. Despite this, these measures are regularly neglected even at higher levels of sport. This is also possibly due to lack of knowledge of appropriate tools, especially in areas like the hand and wrist. As clinicians we tend to solely rely on subjective measures, functional abilities and investigations (scans). This implies we are not considering local characteristics of the joint. Therefore, don’t be surprised when your athlete is not improving, and he/she now requires an injection. Even worse a non-surgical management is now becoming a surgical intervention. If the athlete complains of moderate functional pain with good range of motion and/or strength does your management differ from a moderate pain with poor range of motion and/or strength? Does it indicate a difference in pathology, prognosis and management? This webinar will approach this theme linked to upper limb injury management. By the end of this webinar, the attendees will have an improved understanding of which objective measures are available to progress safely through any rehabilitation program. The final goal being symptoms free and feeling ready to return to sport activities. Importantly, also providing measures to ensure the area is reacting well post return to sporting activities, thus responding well to the intensity/volume of training.

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