Perturbation Training for balance training in sporting and non-sporting populations, including elderly fallers

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Category: 2019, Club Recordings
Published on: 09.04.2019


Jon Graham
BA Psychology MSc Coginitive Psychology BSc Physiotherapy

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About The Webinar

Postural control is the foundation of our ability to move independently and safely in any chosen environment. There is an unexpected commonality to the rehabilitation of injured athletes and elderly fallers and in that both these clinical populations need to be able to make the appropriate postural adaptations in response to unexpected perturbations. In the elderly, traditional strength, balance and aerobic exercise have been shown to give some reduction in falls risk but not necessarily reduction in falls incidence. Many programmes focus on voluntary controlled exercises and do not include exercises to improve compensatory postural responses in response to unexpected perturbation during walking, running or simulated sports participation. Perturbation-based balance training (PBBT) is an alternative approach to balance training. It incorporates exposure to repeated postural perturbations to evoke rapid balance reactions, enabling the individual to improve control of these reactions with practice. PBBT can be delivered using equipment that is readily available in the clinic.

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