Rehabilitating Knee Ligament Injuries in Sport

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Published on: 04.12.2014


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP
Head of Sports Medicine, Blackburn Rovers Football Club

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About The Webinar

The physical therapist involved in any particular sport must be prepared to look outside the realms of the medical textbook when dealing with sports-associated injuries at any joint. Knowledge of the functional factors that are required for the role of the single competitor or team player is essential. This webinar, with emphasis on knee rehabilitation in the sporting environment, will demonstrate the need to incorporate different variables to progressively increase the intensity of the programme and subsequently the stress on the healing tissues post injury. As the rehabilitation plan progresses from simple to complex movements, the session will demonstrate the need for an organised progression of rehabilitation in order to achieve a successful return to sport for the injured athlete. David Fevre combines his vast clinical knowledge and experience to give you an insight into the multi-stage rehabilitation schedule needed in ligament repair and subsequent return to pre-injury activity.

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