Rehabilitation for Knee Articular Cartilage Repair

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Published on: 07.06.2016


Karen Hambly PhD MCSP
Senior Lecturer, The University of Kent

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About The Webinar

Articular cartilage is avascular and aneural and as a consequence does not heal well. Repairing articular osteochrondral damage can improve function and relieve pain. There are a variety of surgical techniques to repair articular cartilage damage. Rehabilitation is generally accepted as an important component of cartilage repair surgery. Cartilage repair tissue maturation is a long process that has been shown to take more than 18 months. The goal for articular cartilage repair (ACR) rehabilitation is to deliver a programme that provides the best environment to produce a durable repair tissue, which enables a person to return to their optimal level of function, whilst respecting the time it takes for the repair tissue to adapt and mature. Rehabilitation following cartilage repair surgery is a phased process that initially involves restrictions in activity that are determined by the type and extent of surgery performed. The selection, timing and progression of exercises in the rehabilitation programme needs to reflect the location and size of the repair. In order to select appropriate rehabilitation exercises, it is critical to know the precise location of the repair, the arthrokinematics of the joint and how specific exercises load the repair site. The challenge for the physiotherapist is to apply these principles to construct an individualised rehabilitation programme that has a load bearing-mechanical match to the status of the repair tissue at any postoperative point in time. In this webinar, you will be taken through an overview of the ACR surgery and the implications and considerations for rehabilitation. The principles behind programme design and implementation will be discussed with examples and support by the latest evidence from the literature.

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