Shape-Up-My-Shoulder (#SUMS) Rehabilitation Program: Do strengthening exercises enhance outcome?

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Published on: 05.04.2022


Jeremy Lewis PhD FCSP
Consultant Physiotherapist
Professor of Musculoskeletal Research
MSK Sonographer
Independent Prescriber
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Biomechanics
Master of Science (Manipulative Therapy)
Injection Therapy (Practice Certificate)
Postgraduate Certificate in Diagnostic Imaging (Ultrasound)
Independent Prescriber (Practice Certificate)

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About The Webinar

Progressive resistance exercise, in isolation or in combination with other noninvasive therapies such as therapeutic touch, is the firstline approach to managing nontraumatic rotator
cuff–related shoulder pain (RCRSP). Resistance exercise may be effective for people with RCRSP secondary to improving mechanical features of the shoulder, including strength, kinematics, and muscle timing and activation. However, strength gains are often small and clinically unimportant when measured during clinical trials. Clinicians should (1)
continue to prescribe exercise when managing RCRSP, and (2) embrace the broad biological mechanisms underpinning the efficacy of exercise. Any benefit is governed by more than simple mechanical changes. The clinical message must go beyond the idea that the patient’s weak, deconditioned, or frail shoulder is the basis of his or her pain, and all the patient needs to do is to get strong.

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