Understanding Non-Traumatic Wrist Pain

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Category: Club Recordings
Published on: 20.10.2023


Ian Gatt PhD MSc OMT MAACP MCSP BSc (Hons)
Head of Performance Services & Lead Physiotherapist - GB Boxing & UKSI

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About The Webinar

Although traumatic injuries are what commonly come to mind when considering the wrist, it is the overuse or idiopathic type which can present most enigmatic to diagnose and manage. On the ulnar side there are a myriad of pathologies, hence why it is sometimes referred to as the ‘black box’ of the wrist. The radial side is no easier with conditions like intersection syndrome or stress fractures of scaphoid, just to name a few, which practitioners might not be familiar with. Is this a region which you as a clinician feel comfortable assessing and treating? What should you know when differentiating, especially with considerations towards certain pathologies? This webinar will provide a wide array of pertinent information, including relevant anatomy. We will cover objective measures, injury management (from self-management to add-on considerations), and how best to consider function.

So, looking for a bit of CPD focused on the Wrist. This webinar will cover all this and more!

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