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Diagnosis and Management of Knee Osteoarthritis

Presenter: Richard Norris
Cofounder & Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Specialist, The Physiotherapy Centre

Category: 2021, Club Recordings

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Published on: 16.06.2021
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Elbow injuries in sport; traumatic vs overuse

Presenter: Ian Gatt
Head of Sports Science & Medicine / Lead Physiotherapist - Great Britain Boxing
Upper Limb Specialist - English Institute of Sport
Physiotherapist - Team Anthony Joshua
Guest Lecturer - University College London
PhD Candidate in Wrist Biomechanics - Sheffield Hallam University

Category: 2021, Club Recordings

The Elbow is the conduit between the shoulder and hand/wrist region. Although classed as a ‘simple’ hinge joint, there is nothing simple about this region where muscles originating at the shoulder or inserting at the hand/wrist region intersect creating a powerhouse around this joint which can create forces up to…

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Published on: 12.05.2021
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