Clinical reasoning and case formulation in musculoskeletal management

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Category: 2020, Club Recordings
Published on: 06.04.2020


Paul Lagerman
PG Cert in Pain & Pain Management
BSc Honours in Physiotherapy
BSc Honours in Sports Rehabilitation

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About The Webinar

Clinical reasoning is identified as integral to physiotherapy practice. It is the process by which the clinician generates and tests hypotheses based on information collected from the patient. The hypotheses based on the information obtained is then used to determine a diagnosis and implement treatment. Traditional clinical reasoning has been taught through the lens of a “focus on disease”. In pain management, whilst disease is a factor we should also consider the broader context of the influence of behaviour on pain. Case Formulation is a process by which the clinician can generate explanatory inferences about causes and maintaining factors of a patients present problem. The formulation can inform intervention and is flexible and adaptable in implementing and adapting a management plan. The focus of case formulation is on the person with the disease not being the main focus of for which reasoning has traditionally been directed. This brief lecture will cover the nuances in traditional clinical reasoning methods and case formulation in the management of persistent musculoskeletal pain.

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