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Rehabilitation of the acute and chronic adductor injury

Presenter: David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP

Category: Club Recordings

The terms 'groin injury’ and ‘sportsman’s hernia,’ in sports such as soccer and rugby, cover a multitude of anatomical injury scenarios from umbilicus to upper one third of the femur for both the player and medical staff, and accounts for 10-15% of all soccer related injuries. Far greater diagnostic terminology…

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Published on: 03.05.2022
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Shape-Up-My-Shoulder (#SUMS) Rehabilitation Program: Do strengthening exercises enhance outcome?

Presenter: Jeremy Lewis PhD FCSP
Consultant Physiotherapist
Professor of Musculoskeletal Research
MSK Sonographer
Independent Prescriber
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy)
Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Biomechanics
Master of Science (Manipulative Therapy)
Injection Therapy (Practice Certificate)
Postgraduate Certificate in Diagnostic Imaging (Ultrasound)
Independent Prescriber (Practice Certificate)

Category: Club Recordings

Progressive resistance exercise, in isolation or in combination with other noninvasive therapies such as therapeutic touch, is the firstline approach to managing nontraumatic rotator cuff–related shoulder pain (RCRSP). Resistance exercise may be effective for people with RCRSP secondary to improving mechanical features of the shoulder, including strength, kinematics, and muscle…

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Published on: 05.04.2022
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Fundamentals of electrical muscle stimulation in rehabilitation and training

Presenter: Matt White MSc MCSP
Specialist Physiotherapist – Neurorehabilitation and Technology

Category: Club Recordings

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Published on: 14.03.2022
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Parkinson’s update: pathology, assessment and management

Presenter: Julie Jones
Senior Lecturer
CSO and Parkinson’s UK Clinical Academic Fellow

Category: Club Recordings

Learning outcomes: 1. To discuss the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s and evaluate how these impact upon movement, and function. 2. To explore the combined motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s impact on function. 3. To explore the assessment of people with Parkinson's and key outcomes measures to embed within assessment 4.…

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Published on: 14.02.2022
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Musculoskeletal diagnosis of hip pain

Presenter: Dr. Rina Pandya PT DPT

Category: Club Recordings

Hip pain can be influenced by low back pain and SIj pain and not accounting for other systemic reasons for hip joint/ area pain. This course is designed for PT, PTA, PT students, massage therapists and Athletic trainers to learn more about common hip pathologies such as OA, FAI,Snapping Hip,…

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Published on: 10.01.2022
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