Rehabilitation following Femero-Acetabular Impingement (FAI) surgery in the athlete

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Category: 2019, Club Recordings
Published on: 08.01.2019


David Fevre MSc MCSP SRP

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About The Webinar

The hip joint is the fulcrum point of the entire human body as it articulates the upper and lower extremities and can influence both areas, either in isolation or as a complete unit. In rehabilitation terms, its role either indirectly or directly in relation to injury should never be overlooked. Rehabilitation strategies following FAI surgery must reflect this dual role and be prescriptive on an individual basis. Multiple joint and/or soft tissue-based dysfunctions make up each injury diagnosis at the hip joint. Manual therapy and exercise-based treatment must therefore be specific to each patient and the standard exercise handout be admonished to the self-help books.
The rehabilitation treatment goal is stability, without rigidity, coupled with mobility, without collapse, producing flowing movement. The key is to look totally over the entire skeleton, act locally with manual and exercise-based therapy, and then act totally to restore normal skeletal movement patterns. The lecturer, David Fevre, has vast experience working with many professional sportspersons with such issues, pre and post-surgery, so will provide an insight into the rehabilitation processes involved.

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