The importance of clinical assessment in the modern technological world

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Published on: 09.12.2021


David Fevre

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About The Webinar

Clinical diagnosis is a primary skill for all medical clinicians and is the key initial process in the medical pathway from initial injury to full recovery. To initiate and complete the process clinical assessment and continuous re-assessment is an essential part of the changing stages in recovery. A graduated and successful rehabilitation journey must be based on the changing symptoms that develop over time, whether that be in a positive or negative way.
An in-depth subjective history alongside a thorough and applicable objective assessment will provide the clinician with an injury diagnosis on which to base the rehabilitation plan. It will also provide an insight into the specific and individual skeletal characteristics of the athlete which ensures a patient driven treatment and exercise plan rather than a diagnostic one. Diagnostic technology and reporting is a vital ingredient in the clinical assessment phase of the injury but must never be the only basis on which to establish our clinical thoughts. The two must work hand in hand to ensure the initial diagnosis is as accurate as possible.
Our speaker for the lecture, David Fevre has worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist in both the hospital and professional sporting environment since he qualified in 1982. Clinical assessment has always been a key process in his diagnosis and rehabilitation of injury and will continue to be so throughout his career

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